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Divination Consultation with the I Ching

What you will need:

  • 3 Identical Coins (usually Chinese coins with a hole in the center are used, but any currency with a head and tail will work.)

  • A flat surface or table

  • Pen or Pencil and Paper to draw out hexagrams

Steps to cast a hexagram:

  1. Assign values to the coins:

  • Designate one side of the coin as "heads" and the other as "tails."

  • Assign numerical values to each side: assign 3 to "heads" and 2 to "tails."


  2. Formulate your question:


  • Clearly state your question or the situation you need guidance on. Be as specific as possible.

  • Write the question down (optional).

  3. Create the outline to draw the 


  • Write down the numbers 1 - 6


  • Formed in a column

  • Start with 1 at the bottomending with 6 at the top

hexagram outline_edited.jpg

  4. Shake the coins:

  • Hold the three coins in your hand.

  • Focus on your question while shaking the coins.

  5. Toss the coins:

  • Without looking at the results, toss all three coins simultaneously onto the flat surface.

  • After step 6, repeat 5 and 6 for all 6 lines of the hexagram.

hexagram outline_edited_edited.png

  6. Determine and calculate the values:


  • For each coin, note whether it landed with "heads" or "tails" facing up.

  • Add up the numerical values of all three coins. Use chart below to determine type of line.

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