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Steam Engenius by Modest Mouse 
Using AI Generated Images from lyric prompts and parts of Alan Turing's story

Disclosure: This video features AI-generated images, created using artificial intelligence technology. The images were generated using Midjourney. Additionally, the song used in this video is 'Steam Engenius' by Modest Mouse. I do not claim ownership of the song, and all rights belong to their respective owners. This video is intended for entertainment purposes only. Thank you to Isaac Brock, and the rest of the Modest Mouse band, for creating such amazing music and lyrics and to Midjourney for the image generation.

The video was compiled using Runway software. The video isn't finished because the software started getting really glitchy and would crash... making it difficult to get beyond the 1 minute mark. If I find a better video complying software I will give it another go. 

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